Day 22

It is embarrassing to say that I have indeed slacked for the past week. Hence my absence on this blog. A and I had guests from overseas and our schedule was packed. We would be going on in the early morning and did not get home until late at night. We indulged in food, and then more food. It is what we do best, and what better way to show our guess what Melbourne has to offer, culinary wise. After cutting down on our food and having healthier meals, we literally devoured all dishes presented to us last week – from Japanese, Italian, Chinese, to Greek.

To be honest I felt ashamed of myself when I felt my bloated tummy and increasing waistline. But I could not help myself. I did only one workout during their entire trip here. I started again last two days, let’s see what is going to happen tonight.

A few months back we were really really good at making sure we were eating healthily so we made and froze our lunches. That somehow stopped for a whole until now and it seems like we are getting lazier busier each day.

You can imagine my excitement when I came across these pre-cooked meals in the supermarket. I have never even looked at them before, and now, I just went all out. The special promotion (2 for $5) might have helped, and the fact that we have been spending too much money buying oily and heavy lunches at work, this seems like a pretty good deal. $5 for a healthy and lean lunch. That fits the bill.

I was wrong. I had this for lunch today, and I was still hungry. Yes there were chicken pieces in there – three small cubes to be exact. No vegetable, but a generous portion of rice.

Do I feel leaner and healthier? No, not really. I was not sure what I was eating. As a matter of fact I am going to buy myself a sushi roll to snack on.

What would SweetPotato say.


Day 11


The reason why I did legs last night.

The reason why I woke up early to do some weights to tone my flabby arms.

I am into week 2 of Kayla’s guide. I feel good. I feel fit, and less bloated in the morning. The best thing is that I am eating what I want, and not deprived from all the yummy food. The key is moderation 🙂

Day 9

Did a whole body workout on Sunday morning before going out for lunch with A, his mum and youngest brother. I couldn’t help myself when it comes to food. I am obsessed with food. I LOVE yummy food. Don’t even get me started on carbs.

Back to lunch. Ahem.


To compensate for over indulging during lunch, we had home made Vietnamese wrap (cucumber, carrot, and lean pork neck slices cooked in Korean style) for dinner. Sounded rather a plain meal, but trust me, it was healthily yummy. Finished them before I could take a photo!

I cancelled my PT session again this week. My body appeared to be giving up on me. I was told to improve the health of my mind and soul.

Stress? What stress?

Day 5

I am ashamed to say that I have missed two sessions. A and I went out on an impromptu dinner date on Friday night and had too much to eat.

I am deciding at this instance that, that meal would be our only cheat meal this week.





Yesterday was meant to be a full body workout session. But alas, I fell asleep in bed with my tablet showing two items in the shopping cart. It was 930 pm. A tried waking me up a few times when I finally got up an hour later. He was delegated the job of paying for the two Kate Spade items while I got myself cleaned up.

I was too tired and could not be bothered to work out. I went back to bed after with a glass of hot milo.

What would SweetPotato say.

Day 3


I have one, who I have been training with for more than a year now. The thing with personal trainer is that, they were with you right from the beginning when you looked and felt the worst – or you would not have needed one to start with! They moulded you into someone who you are finally happier to see when you look in the mirror.

My personal trainer did just that. Until days slowly slid past us, when it seemed like I was no longer a priority. There were always other “problems” that took precedence over my training. It felt like it has come to this ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you anymore’ phase.

That was when I reached a plateau. I got demotivated. I was angry. As much as I have missed that assisted chin up machine, I would not go to the gym (except for my personal training sessions, when they were not cancelled). I suspected I was afraid I would bump into my personal trainer at the gym, for reasons I am yet to work out.

I fell back into my old lifestyle with the occasional attempts of healthy bits. My tighter abs gave way to what looked like a baby bump. I was very sure I was not carrying a human inside me just yet. My slightly toned arms went from flabby triceps to where-did-my-biceps-go?? The scale screamed at me with red digits from the past.

All that because of one person who appeared to have lost interest in moulding my body.

It hit me one day, over my Thai curry and coconut rice. Why am I blaming my personal trainer for what I am to be blamed for? Yes, I am still mad and upset with the unprofessional work ethics, but I am the one who has been burying my face in those cakes (CAKES!!!), pasta, and oily Asian food.


I have not gone to gym on my own. That being said, I have a plan. A plan that can promise me results without stepping out of my bedroom.

It is only Day 3, but I feel amazing. I am sure I am not imagining my bulging tummy deflating.

What? No more chips in bed? I can live with that, with three tablespoons of willpower.

I am craving for Thai dinner.

What would SweetPotato say.

Day 2

The good thing about working an afternoon/night shift is that I get to sleep in. I get to laze in bed and browse the web, and take my time getting ready for work. It takes time to look fabulous!

Alarm was set for 9.45am. My biological clock has already woken me up at 8.30 am. My bed was empty on the left: A had left for work 😦

I worked out last night (yeay!). I spent the half hour trying to talk myself out of it. By the end of it, I have already completed the whole circuits.

Feeling pumped, I decided to exercise in morning before going to work. Waking up in a cozy bed has created another morning of self debate. Who won?

By 1230 pm, I was out of the door with my avocado smoothie and tighter abs. Oh, and not forgetting those slightly toned arms 🙂

what would SweetPotato say.

Day 1

“If we’re not going to the gym tomorrow night, I’ll be doing Kayla Itsines‘s exercises in the morning. In the room.”


Those were the words I told A last night before I jumped in to the shower.

Fast forward to 3.18pm today, here I am – still in my pyjamas – in bed, typing away on my laptop. There is always something else that takes priority over exercise. This time, resume writing.

Exercise vs Possibility of a new job.

What would SweetPotato say.