Day 2

The good thing about working an afternoon/night shift is that I get to sleep in. I get to laze in bed and browse the web, and take my time getting ready for work. It takes time to look fabulous!

Alarm was set for 9.45am. My biological clock has already woken me up at 8.30 am. My bed was empty on the left: A had left for work 😦

I worked out last night (yeay!). I spent the half hour trying to talk myself out of it. By the end of it, I have already completed the whole circuits.

Feeling pumped, I decided to exercise in morning before going to work. Waking up in a cozy bed has created another morning of self debate. Who won?

By 1230 pm, I was out of the door with my avocado smoothie and tighter abs. Oh, and not forgetting those slightly toned arms πŸ™‚

what would SweetPotato say.


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