Day 3


I have one, who I have been training with for more than a year now. The thing with personal trainer is that, they were with you right from the beginning when you looked and felt the worst – or you would not have needed one to start with! They moulded you into someone who you are finally happier to see when you look in the mirror.

My personal trainer did just that. Until days slowly slid past us, when it seemed like I was no longer a priority. There were always other “problems” that took precedence over my training. It felt like it has come to this ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you anymore’ phase.

That was when I reached a plateau. I got demotivated. I was angry. As much as I have missed that assisted chin up machine, I would not go to the gym (except for my personal training sessions, when they were not cancelled). I suspected I was afraid I would bump into my personal trainer at the gym, for reasons I am yet to work out.

I fell back into my old lifestyle with the occasional attempts of healthy bits. My tighter abs gave way to what looked like a baby bump. I was very sure I was not carrying a human inside me just yet. My slightly toned arms went from flabby triceps to where-did-my-biceps-go?? The scale screamed at me with red digits from the past.

All that because of one person who appeared to have lost interest in moulding my body.

It hit me one day, over my Thai curry and coconut rice. Why am I blaming my personal trainer for what I am to be blamed for? Yes, I am still mad and upset with the unprofessional work ethics, but I am the one who has been burying my face in those cakes (CAKES!!!), pasta, and oily Asian food.


I have not gone to gym on my own. That being said, I have a plan. A plan that can promise me results without stepping out of my bedroom.

It is only Day 3, but I feel amazing. I am sure I am not imagining my bulging tummy deflating.

What? No more chips in bed? I can live with that, with three tablespoons of willpower.

I am craving for Thai dinner.

What would SweetPotato say.


One thought on “Day 3

  1. You should never let anyone ever be the excuse for not achieving something. Be inspired, be angry, be happy, or be sad, but do not let it rule your life if you do not wish it to be. Good on you for getting past that. Sweet potato would probably say “good job!”


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