Day 22

It is embarrassing to say that I have indeed slacked for the past week. Hence my absence on this blog. A and I had guests from overseas and our schedule was packed. We would be going on in the early morning and did not get home until late at night. We indulged in food, and then more food. It is what we do best, and what better way to show our guess what Melbourne has to offer, culinary wise. After cutting down on our food and having healthier meals, we literally devoured all dishes presented to us last week – from Japanese, Italian, Chinese, to Greek.

To be honest I felt ashamed of myself when I felt my bloated tummy and increasing waistline. But I could not help myself. I did only one workout during their entire trip here. I started again last two days, let’s see what is going to happen tonight.

A few months back we were really really good at making sure we were eating healthily so we made and froze our lunches. That somehow stopped for a whole until now and it seems like we are getting lazier busier each day.

You can imagine my excitement when I came across these pre-cooked meals in the supermarket. I have never even looked at them before, and now, I just went all out. The special promotion (2 for $5) might have helped, and the fact that we have been spending too much money buying oily and heavy lunches at work, this seems like a pretty good deal. $5 for a healthy and lean lunch. That fits the bill.

I was wrong. I had this for lunch today, and I was still hungry. Yes there were chicken pieces in there – three small cubes to be exact. No vegetable, but a generous portion of rice.

Do I feel leaner and healthier? No, not really. I was not sure what I was eating. As a matter of fact I am going to buy myself a sushi roll to snack on.

What would SweetPotato say.


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